Howlin Bash

Brixton, London.

British Citizen

I am an experienced and diligent, self-taught, full-stack developer. A life learner, forever focused on ways to improve with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to boot. I have been building websites for eight years and writing clean, maintainable programs in JavaScript and Python for over four years.


Javascript ES6 ~ Python

HTML5/CSS5 ~ Bash ~ SQL


Linux ~ Git

Docker ~ Vim

Libraries & Frameworks

React ~ Redux ~ Flow ~ Jest ~ Express

Immutable ~ Jekyll ~ SASS ~ Bootstrap

Tech Employment

Software Developer

Pivigo ~ July 2018 - present

  • Lead the frontend development of the companies flagship product AI-Mentor, a recommendation and training engine for data scientists built with React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Immutable & Flow.
  • Mentored a colleague in React, CSS Flexbox and Git as we styled AI-Mentor and built a custom design library.
  • Contributed to the Python/PostgreSQL backend. A Turbogears framework loosely following the MVC pattern.
  • Learned the TDD methodology, testing JavaScript with Jest and Enzyme and testing Python with Nose.
  • Practiced the Agile methodology, learning new disciplines like pair-programming, Scrum and Kanban.
  • Gave a 30 minute lecture on advanced git usage, introducing my team to powerful tools and concepts such as squashing, rebasing, git-flow and the DAG.

Middleware JavaScript Developer [freelance - remote]

erbridge ltd ~ September 2015 - February 2016

  • Built and shipped a multi-room, live webchat middleware from scratch with Node & HTML5 websockets.
  • Designed the initial structure in collaboration with my manager before becoming the sole contributor.
  • Taught myself Express, Handlebars and the poorly documented without any prior experience.
  • Wrote an event based commands system for users to DM admins and for admins to moderate rooms.
  • Under my managers superb mentorship I developed a modular, clean code style, learned a powerful Git methodology, discovered linting, design patterns and greatly advanced my vanilla JavaScript skills.

Selected Past Projects

Howlin KTV ~ 2017 - Present ~ personal project

  • My passion project. A karaoke party app built with React, Redux and Python.
  • Designed and built an intuitive UX that allows party guests to request songs, save potential requests and to browse, filter or search the karaoke library via era, genre, artist or song.
  • Taught myself, ES6, Webpack, React, Redux and functional programming, in a matter of months.
  • Prototyped a Python back-end that queries a database and launches the karaoke song in a VLC playlist. ~ 2017

  • Designed and built a website, development environment and production server to modern professional standards that allows for rapid publishing, flexible development and frictionless deployment.
  • Engineered a modular site architecture as a Docker image composed of my Jekyll site, my rubygem packaged theme (with now over 3500 downloads) and a separate Git submodule for the blogposts repository.
  • Wrote a build script with Bash, Git and Docker to provide a seamless CLI based development workflow that facilitates blog publishing, development, testing, staging and deployment of the theme or the site.
  • Orchestrated a production server from a Docker cluster of five containers providing An NGINX reverse proxy server, a staging server and auto-renewing TLS encryption provided by LetsEncrypt.
  • Built a separate libre Matomo server to track site analytics instead of reverting to google analytics.
  • Remodeled a classic theme using SASS, inline SVG and media queries for mobile responsiveness.
2018 - Swayze
A fun whack-a-mole type game built over a few days with React and CSS flexbox.
2018 - Todo
A versatile Trello-like organiser. Built with Bash and Vimscript
2018 - Bisto
Scrapes the latest jobs from popular job-boards. Built with Python, SQLite and w3m.
2016 - How
A command line manual - my personal man-pages - built with Python and VimWiki.
2015 - TubeSearch
Presents YouTube search results as a tiled list to enable faster video selection. Built with Yeoman; Bootsrap, JavaScript, Mustache & the YouTube API.
2015 - Kinima
My first fully self-coded website. Built with Bootstrap for my wife’s cinema club.
2014 - Seafile NAS
Without a spare monitor I had to operate the Raspberry Pi headless. I learned SSH, simple networking and basic Linux administration to install a Seafile/MySQL server.
2014 - Chaplin100
My last WordPress site. A blog celebrating the centenary of every Chaplin film.
2010 - WikiUncut
My first website [MediaWiki]. When development was a scary and mysterious sorcery.

Selected Non-Tech Employment

Visitor Services Assistant

British Film Institute ~ 2008 - Present

  • Formulated and refined an effective method to handle anti-social customers by helping them using patient and compassionate communication. One of my proudest achievements in life.
  • Managed the phone room, headed outside venues and worked the frontline for 10 London Film Festivals.
  • As a veteran of the team, I train and mentor many of the staff in the emotional and professional nuances needed to assist the London public on a daily basis.

Chinese Production Manager

Guvnor Ltd. ~ 2001 – 2007

  • Headed the set up of the first Chinese production office for Guvnor guitars in Guangzhou, China.
  • Rebuilt the admin processes before hosting them on MS Sharepoint for collaboration with the UK office.
  • Hired and trained an office assistant and translator to help run the office and assist with factory visits.
  • Physically oversaw and built tools to track the production of 3 factories in Guangzhou and Tianjin.
  • Excelled in sales; progressed from finance assistant to logistics manager before heading to China.

Completed Courses
Idiomatic Redux; Getting Started with Redux; The Beginners Guide to ReactJS.
Real World Docker; Learning Docker.
HTML & CSS; jQuery; JavaScript; PHP; Python; Learn the Command Line; Learn Git.
Code School
HTML/CSS; jQuery; JavaScript; Building Blocks of Express.js.
PHP MySQL Course.
Stanford: Computer Science 101.


Birkbeck UoL ~ 2009 – 2012 (Incomplete)

B.A. Global Politics and International Relations


Music: Guitar, Bass, Piano, DJ, Karaoke.

Arch Linux, Politics, Cinema, Cycling, Running, Travel.